harrycedricluna (harrycedricluna) wrote,

New pictures,bad news.

Hello beautiful creatures.The day has arrived.I know i sound too dramatic but as we all know,The band Boyz+noise is now disbanded.The three talented guys have decided to separate their ways and follow a solo carreer.This picture of Vagelis Kakouriotis, was taken for an interview of his for a famous magazine in Cyprus.He has said that all three of them decided to separate their ways.Their fans did not want to see their favoute boy band to stop its successfull carreer ,but some of the fans(most of the fans according to vangelis's words)support them no matter what.Either as a band or as three solo artists.In my humble opinion ,i believe that they rule, no matter what.They are talented and awesome!They will make it happen!

Tags: boy band, boys and noise, kakouriotis
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